Cheap Travel, Expensive Experiences!

Book your Cheap Trips now! For decades, the Tourism Industry has flourished in Nepal. With a view to minimizing the overrated treks and promoting Experimental Trips, Cheap Trip Nepal facilitates our beloved guests to browse our jaw-dropping experential trips and book them directly. We take you to the places where you have never been before. You think of a destination we will take you there. Our trips are cheap yet our service is the best. Our only motive is to provide our guests with the ultimate Nepal experience. The scope of our tour is not only based on traveler's reviews and choices, but we have also put forward these trips and tours so that travelers just have to spend a minimal amount of money to learn about Cultures and experiencing ultimate Nepal.

We are familiar with the beauty of Annapurna panorama, the mysterious fish-tail, the peace of Rara lake, the height of Mt. Everest and much more. But during these treks and trails, you will miss the cultures, lifestyles, the hospitality, the Brightside, the tradition and so many things Nepalese people do in their daily lives. Being diversified in the culture there are 1000s of unique cultures in Nepal. All these distinct cultures and tradition has made Nepal known all over the world. Nepal is known for its unity in diversity. People of different races and cultures live in peace and harmony. This is Nepal. Namaste!!



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