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Abominable Snowman "Yeti"
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  Abominable Snowman "Yeti"                                                                              
altIs Yeti Real?  Welcome to the mysterious Himalaya, where 1000s of cattle get lost without trace, where the imprints of the biggest foot are seen, where the Myth lives on Legend. Is Yeti real? I don't know, nobody knows. But what we know os, there are traces and "proofs" which can make us think 'That might be real". 

                     That's not the only case, there is a place up in the Himalayas, where they boast to contain the Head of Yeti. Reality? I don't know, nobody knows. We aren't allowed to touch it, only to see it from distance. But there are lored sung about YRI. The folklores are 1000s of years old. This ancient mysterious myth still haunts the Himalaya, wise men say.


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