Cannabis in Nepal

Cannabis in Nepal
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"Smoking Cannabis, Usage of Cannabis and Growing Cannabis is illegal in Nepal"
altBut the culture of smoking Marijuana in Nepal is known since the early days of God - according to Hindu Myth. This culture is widely famous because according to Hindu myth "Lord of creator and destroyer" - Lord Shiva is known for his habit of Smoking all types of Cannabis, Marijuana, Bhaang, Dhaturas, opium. 

                     It is common in Nepal to see most of the tourists smoking marijuana. Often they are sold by street children, restaurant owners and workers. But Nepal has kept marijuana under "Section A" drugs, which clearly identifies weed as one of the most illegal substance to carry with. Nevertheless, natural strains of cannabis from Nepal is widely famous all over the world. Nepal had been a prime destination for hippies during the period of the 60s and 70s when Marijuana was legal and when Hash tea and coffee were sold for 5 rs Smoking marijuana has been illegal in Nepal Sinc 1975 though Nepal is widely famous for all kinds of Marijuana strains, with extinct "Purple haze" found abundantly.

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