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Deuda - FarWest Song

Deuda - FarWest Song
Jhyaure - Western Nepal"
Kauda - Magar Dance
Dhan Nach - Kirat



  Deuda Song(Geet) is a Nepali folk music genre. it is the most popular dance as well as song form of mid and far western region of Nepal especially Sudur Paschim and many regions of Madhya Pashim. It is conducted on the occassion of various festivals.

   Deuda song has four sub-genres that include Rateri, Dhamari, Thadi Bhakha and Hudkeali. This song is sung and danced by both men and women. The song is very much popular in Dailekh, Jumla, Bajang, Kalikot, Accham, Doti, Darchula, Dadedhura, Bajura and Baitadi.




One of the Deuda song by Night-Jhalka Raya Buka in English

Remnants of memory!

Once apart never again we met ]*2


A chance meeting with my beloved:

whom i never thought i would see

I found you this very moment

the one my heart always yearnd for

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