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FAQ - Trekking

Trekking in Nepal

        In whole world, there are fourteen mountains above 8 thousand meters, Nepal is home to eight of them. Because of the Himalayan country treks and hikes is one of the most popular activities in Nepal. The treks vary from easy at lower point to the strenuous at over 8000 meter in seduce the trekkers but also the people from different ethical groups whom you will meet on the way.

-       What is meant by Camping Trek?

    Cheap Trip Nepal will supply all camping equipment for their trekkers. Each group will be provided with guides, porters. Everything which you will be needing according to your trekking places.

-       What is meant by Lodge Trek?

      Lodge trek which is also called tea house trek, accommodate a small group of people plus one or two guides and the porters they hire to carry your personal gear. Everything will be paid by guides.

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