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Jhyaure - Western Nepal"

Deuda - FarWest Song
Jhyaure - Western Nepal"
Kauda - Magar Dance
Dhan Nach - Kirat

alt Jhyaure dance is one of the best folk song and dance representing the western part of Nepal. The song is based on love theme. It is mostly very popular among young girls and boys. In this kind of dance first, the rhythm/song plays slowly but in second and third round the rhythm and song go very fast.

 Jhyaure dance/song is very free and not restricted to any time and also seen during the rice planting season. It is really fun and entertaining. The girls will sing Jhyaure song and boys reply in the same manner in response. That is why it is naturalized as a love theme. Basically, Jhyaure is the culture of Gurung and Magar communities.

 One of the jhyaure song:

Hauki maya Arkaiko hak wala:

Heee sunaka bala dubo ko mala

Haaa sunako bala dubo ko mala

Hauki kya ho arkaiko hak wala

Hauki kya ho arkaiko hak wala ]*2

Heee mulko pani sukera jane

Haaa mulko pani sukera jane

Dukhi ko yeo ko chh ra man khane ]*2

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