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Seasons in Nepal

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altNepal's climate varies with its topography. Terai region has a hot and humid climate. The mid-land region is pleasant almost all the year round, although winter nights are cool.


It begins in mid-June and ends at the beginning of September. The rainfall in summer is influenced by Monsoon.


It is the hottest season in Nepal generally begins in May and last through August.


It is known as the festival season begins with the end of monsoon and ends with the beginning of winter in November (September to November).


Last from November till February and it is the cold months.


In this season the sky is not as blue as autumn and begins from February through April.

Generally, in Nepal seasons are divided into 6 seasons:

  1. Basanta Ritu(Spring)
  2. Grishma Ritu(Early Summer)
  3. Barkha Ritu(Summer Monsoon season)
  4. Sharas Ritu(Early Autumn)
  5. Hemanta Ritu(Late Autumn)
  6. Shishir Ritu(Winter)
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