Stairway to Heaven

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Stairway to Heaven
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 Heaven, when you hear this word what’s the first thing that hits your brain? Of course, it’s above us, above our earth. Heaven must be somewhere high above where there is the alluring scenario, far from the hectic crowded lifestyle we’re compelled to survive. And it’s obvious that the more we climb higher, it gets more easier to escape tedious everyday premises and have a better look from a higher altitude. Maybe that’s why heaven is considered as place high up above peaceful and soothing. But the one who thought of heaven, its existence, must have had experienced that kind of feeling somewhere, here on our earth before taking it t I that level of imagination. Yes, here on earth there are some places which we can claim, it’s heave. And if there is heaven, there must be some kind of means to reach there, and that is what everyone keen to know, A stairway to heaven. Have you ever thought that the stairway to heaven you are searching for could be the stairway around you? Have you thought of climbing stairs of Swayambhunath and reach that peaceful, enticing prospect, very close to what you deem heaven?

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